Rasgou? Que tal customizar de uma maneira criativa? Aplique reverso ♥♥

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Monster Patches:
qué hacer con unos vaqueros rasgados // Seguro a los niños les encanta!!:
Fox Leggings:
Great idea to patch up the knee:
Monster Knee Patches .. have to try now. Now I can't wait for my kids to get holes in their knees! (Not Really):
I patched my favorite old jeans with a little embroidery. :) ♡ Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/ ♡:
Holey jeans? No problem!  Turn them into a fashion statement with this DIY Monster Patch. Quick, easy, and fun for all ages!:
Cómo arreglar agujeros en los pantalones:

Clothes Patching Guide via DesignMom.com
Mending solution for those of us who can't sew well enough to hide it:
Mending and patching are beautiful!:
To DIY: reverse applique flower from an old t-shirt. I'm going to go to Goodwill and stock up with all these t-shirt ideas!:
alabama chanin.:
Neat idea for mending holes in jeans! PS:
Clothes Patching Guide via DesignMom.com

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